My Testimonials

Lesley Darling, Business Director, UK

Lani Buess has put me back together! I hadn’t quite realized how separated I had become, the scientist on one hand the healer on the other. Now thanks to her insight and skill, there’s harmony again.

If anyone wonders about the benefits of a tailor-made session just ponder the phrase “one size fits all.” Would everyone be able to wear and be happy with the same hat? Go for tailor-made if you want it to suit you and fit you, for sure, same with hypnosis!

Lani worked with me to uncover the symbols and language that I use when talking about myself and my life, past present and future. Then the magic began, she combined her skills with NLP, hypnosis etc., to weave a new set of images which were congruent with what I believe and yet more powerful and positive. She didn’t put the two halves together with force, she just allowed me to see they weren’t ever separated. I am many things and they aren’t mutually exclusive, I don’t have to choose to be this or that, they’re all my resources.

Last night there were lovely insights and I came away feeling empowered and eager to try out the new me. Stepping out on my own in September will be something to look forward to (Lani I promise to keep updating you with my progress).

What I do know already is this is life changing. The fear of “will I be able to do this, actually be visible in my new business venture and ask for money?” Thanks to Lani the answer is, “Hell Yes!” I’ve always been ready, I just forgot for a while.

Lesley Darling, Business Director, UK
BK Dawson, Actor, NY

It’s the smile that starts it all. A smile that tells you “I understand”. In the first instance, you’re seen, heard, and felt. A connection is made and you are ready, no, want to work and change.

That’s what it’s like to team up with Lani on a journey to a better self. As she sits with you and easily allows you to express your desires, Lani, with bright intense eyes and colorful voice, instantly devises a plan to convey the way to unwind what binds you or what you want to better.

She demonstrates, expresses, and delightfully shows you her skill as a master practitioner and instantly inspires you to to want your change for you. Because it’s important that YOU want to change for YOU!

Walking down many paths that almost all of had to go through, Lani connects with you in a deep way that you feel like your talking to your closet friend or family member (or for me, the Sensei at the top of the mountain). I highly recommend her for your path into learning the many benefits of NLP and change work and I owe her my eternal gratitude for allowing me to learn and grow with her.

Oh, bring coffee too. She loves it! 😉

BK Dawson, Actor, NY
Amazawa Sha, CA

I came to Lani for help with a deep-seated belief that has stubbornly resisted change. Due to my past, I had somehow come to equate love with pain and self-sacrifice. This belief was ruining many of my relationships.

When working with Lani, I immediately noticed how comfortable I was with her energy. I also felt safe and in good hands. She guided me on a journey to discover the roots of my belief. Once found, she then expertly guided me through a custom process for shifting that core belief to one that is more aligned with who I truly am.

I love the results of my session with Lani. The following week, I felt an immediate difference in the way I responded to people in my life. My behaviors and emotions were more aligned with how I want to experience my relationships.

Lani is a rock star of personal transformation, truly a talented change agent. I highly recommend her to those seeking to transform their life from the inside out.

Amazawa Sha, CA
Francis Runzel, Personal Trainer, Chicago

When I first met Lani, I was instantly at ease, and felt I could be my total and complete self. She was very present, and energetic, full of life and vibrancy. She believes in people’s innate power, their ability to succeed and reflects that. I felt like, I was talking to a real old friend! We worked together numerous times. I felt very comfortable, being receptive, going into trance, and letting her guide me where I needed to go. I was impressed with her knowledge of the art, her intuition, and combining that, to create a meaningful and transformational session for me, the client, numerous times. I remember, being shocked by how such big things changed so easily. Like there was no more emotional charge to them. One specifically that comes to mind, is Procrastination. We worked with that, and when I got home I delved into what I needed to. It’s been about 3 days now, still unhindered to do what I want to do, and need to. * Stellar * 10/10 *

Francis Runzel, Personal Trainer, Chicago
Casey Scott, Business Owner, Idaho

(Lani) kicked some serious coaching ass with me. That was no joke, (she) identified, personified, and came to resolution with conflicting emotions. That was seriously cool. So many people could use that in their life, but not many could help them with it.

Her blend of hypnosis and NLP is borderline magical. There was a certain event from long ago that I had been making progress on, but couldn’t quite articulate the impact it had and what bothered me about it. She was able to completely transform my perspective and deliver a totally new awareness to my past self. It was freaking amazing! 

Casey Scott, Business Owner, Idaho

“Lani helped me build confidence in approaching a difficult situation at work with my boss. Lani also helped me learn to ‘speak the same language’ as my boss which made it easier to ask for something I wasn’t previously comfortable/confident asking for. Thanks to Lani, I was able to confidently hold the conversation and request what I previously feared without fear. “


It suddenly occurred to me one day that there might be a connection between recent awkward moments in social activity and a childhood occurrence. “Feelings” I experienced as an adult would come on without warning in normal conversation. For example if conversation turned to me personally or my art, I could suddenly be overwhelmed with the inability to think/speak, “clamming up,” “feeling choked” would be the result. I wondered if feeling choked may have any connection to a childhood bout with whooping cough.

Lani walked me through a NLP technique that allowed me to revisit my childhood trauma from a different p.o.v. , where I was no longer the frightened choking victim but an observer. From this position I saw that I could remain detached and see the event more clearly.

At about ten years old I came down with whooping cough. This manifested in waking up from a sound sleep and being unable to breath. I can remember going from sleep to standing upright beside my bed making a terrible sound trying to grasp for air. An added discovery during the NLP technique, was that I was able to see my sister who slept in the bed beside me and how she experienced the situation as well. I saw her also being wakened from a sound sleep to the terrible sound of her little sister gasping for air. She had panic in her eyes as she pounded my back and called for my mother. (This picture of my sister brought clarity into my current relationship with my sister-which was an unexpected bonus-and has helped me to understand her more).

Two things that were very powerful to me. During the process I was shown how to 1. locate a “safe place’. and 2. Enter the scene as an observer who had power in the situation.

When I found myself in a social setting after the NLP session … as I began to feel overwhelmed and choked in a conversation … I automatically saw myself in my “safe place” ( that I established during the session). In the moment I was able to hesitate, take a deep breath, acknowledge that I was OK, and continue the conversation knowing/feeling that I was safe. I also feel a new freedom in my relationship with my sister.

Lucy R., Artist, NJ

Feeling relentlessly stuck and capable of sinking only further, I was struck by an initiative to change.

Lani’s coaching principles, values, and her willingness to appease my burden, were unmistakable. She attentively empathized with me over the uphill, piggybacking of social angst.

In the summer of 2015, determined to enlighten the crowd as best-man at my brother’s wedding, I had rehearsed my speech ad nauseam. Although my hands mimicked helicopter blades, and the trembling convinced the guests that I was capable of being a human jackhammer, I finished. Like a short-tailed squall, it was over. Yet I felt that a crucial component was missing.

Had I found Lani prior to the wedding, I know, that the sense of control I had lacked during those moments, would have instead been harnessed with composure and spontaneity. I’m wholeheartedly convinced that the resources discovered through her, would have transformed word-for-word dialogue, into sought after, lighthearted, barbershop banter.

Through countless interactions with wellness professionals, it’s a privilege to be in the presence of an established individual who truly listens. Lani’s compassion assures you that confiding in her, is the invitation to finally releasing your pain.

Because she has overcome parallel tribulations, not only do her methods hit home, but I find solace in her uplifting authenticity. Investing your trust in Lani will enable you to flow more effortlessly through life, steamrolling your most heavily-fortified boundaries in the process.

Words may not convey the extent of gratitude I have for Lani; for the tactics that have propelled me from the never-ending quicksand, for having faith in bettering the human condition, and of course, for the madeleines…which will always hold a spot, both in my pocket and my heart.

J. Gomperts, Entrepreneur, CT

“I am so motivated to DO. Right Now. I’m amped and wired and taking small steps to being active and curious. These discoveries are amazing. I haven’t even sipped my coffee today and I’m already super focused. Big. Thanks. To You! … And while I am proud of myself, my inner child and I have you to thank for bringing our awareness to all of this.”

Brian D., Video Game Programmer, NJ

“(Our first) session got me thinking in another perspective. It’s been very helpful with the relationship with my brother and family.”

MM, Store Manager, NJ

I did one hypnosis session with Lani. She helped me identify a way in which I was really stuck but unable to define, and then she facilitated a hypnotic “working through” of the problem that helped me far more than I had expected or could have imagined. She was so helpful, in fact, that it has been about a month since we had the session and I haven’t experienced the problem since! She is also just a great person to be around. She’s warm, smart, and kind, and I felt totally understood and appreciated in her care. I recommend her highly.

Jeff, Clinical Social Worker, Brooklyn