About You

What will life be like …

when you release stress and regain peace of mind?

when you strip away fears and seize the day?

when you curb procrastination and choose decision-making?

when you purge past phobias or traumatic events and repair your inner self?

when constant fights cease and effective communication ensues?

when you stop catering to others and start creating relationship boundaries?

when you curtail conflicting wants and discover desirable resolutions?

A world of infinite possibilities await you!

Let’s work together to find your way.

My Tools

An Emotional, Behavioral and Mindset Makeover

It’s often believed that our conscious calls the shots.

However, scientific research shows that what lies beneath is truly king—the subconscious and unconscious.

It’s been said this dynamic duo controls at least 90% percent of our lives!

So to successfully modify behavior we have to access these rarely tapped parts of our psyche.

That’s where I come in! (See that segue?)

My Training

NLP Master Coach Practitioner Level II – The NLP Center of New York

NLP Coach Practitioner Level I – The NLP Center of New York

Ultimate NLP Practitioner Training – NLP Gym

Ericksonian Hypnosis Level II – The NLP Center of New York

Ericksonian Hypnosis Level I – The NLP Center of New York

Hypnosis Certification with The Center of Integrative Hypnosis

Advanced Regression Specialist – Trainer, Don Mottin, VP of the National Guild of Hypnotists

National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Member

International Association of Counselors & Therapists Certified Member

About Me

Growing up, people called it shyness.

What I experienced well into my early 20s would be defined today as severe social anxiety.

And it was debilitating.

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My Testimonials

Miguel Rodriguez, Entrepreneur, NY

“I was interested in doing a session with Lani Buess because of her powerful gentle voice. I was so curious of how deep of a trance I could go with her and if my desire to make healthy eating choices would be fulfilled by allowing her to help me. It’s been over a month since the first session, and since then I must say, it has been difficult for me not to eat healthy. I’ve tried to behave [in] my old ways and eat unhealthy and I have realized my mind is set to not even see the unhealthy things I used to eat, so what has happened is I wake up feeling fully energized from my healthy diet. I’m finding new creative ways to make healthy choices even in my travels, and I am loving it. I am so grateful that I followed my curiosity and did sessions with her. I work with Lani regularly to work on other peak performance states. I’m grateful Lani is a resource in my life.”

Miguel Rodriguez, Entrepreneur, NY
Anne-Marie Caruso, Photographer, NJ

Well, Lani is a miracle worker! I initially came to her to deal with some minor anxiety and people pleasing/co-dependency, which she helped me with.

Then we tackled how I could visualize being more successful with my personal work. I was stuck in a rut creatively. Since then I’ve been in two group shows and booked a solo exhibit next year. Creative rut over!

Then there was a couple of weeks of insomnia. She gave me many different tools to use before bed, as well as if I wake up in the middle of the night. I have been sleeping so soundly! No sleeping pills, no melatonin, no being a groggy zombie for days on end. My husband has also been sleeping better, so it was really a two-for-one.

For every issue we’ve worked on Lani has given me multiple tools and techniques to prevent, as well as, treat my anxieties and issues.

I was initially weary of hypnosis, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Oh, plus she is just a rad person, with great style!

Anne-Marie Caruso, Photographer, NJ
Danny Greene, Energy Healer, UK

An Amazing Hypnosis Session!

Lani took me down to the deepest trance I’ve ever experienced! I was beyond impressed by her demeanor, hypnotic rhythm of words, phrases and suggestions … Following her guidance I received images and insights into my issue and kept falling ever further and deeper into trance. It was about half an hour in total, yet, could’ve been longer or shorter cause time seemed to stand still. I was coughing, yawning, shifting and hiccuping. LOL, all of which is good and means I was shifting my arse off, energetically speaking.

I slept like a newborn last night and have got loads more ‘head space’ available to me. I was super impressed and can’t gush enough about Lani and her abilities!

Danny Greene, Energy Healer, UK